Who & When

Age 3-Know I want to be a mother

Age 10-Feel pulled towards adoption. Think I will get pregnant (with my husband, obviously) but if I can’t, or if I can, adoption is pretty cool.

Occasionally feel the world is too dark and terrible and wonder why I would want to bring a child into the world. These times correlate with feelings of depression.

1996-Meet Croi

Believe family does not just include blood relatives

Begin working for a variety of social service agencies. Group homes, homeless shelters, programs for people with mental illness.  See the long-term effects of chaotic home environments on people. Think that some small changes along the way could make a big difference.

2000-Start “dating” Croi

Move in Together

2006-Big Fat Gay Wedding

Depression intensifies. Doubt my capacity to do anything, especially parent. Take everything off the table, mentally.

Finally! Get good treatment for depression.

Begin to feel more capable and re-plan my life. Possibilities are back on the table!

January 2011-Yup, we’re ready to be parents

April 2011-scheduled to attend meeting for parents at LGBT Center. Cancelled

May 2011- (on our anniversary weekend) attend first foster parent meeting with local agency. Get Stack of paperwork.

Fill out paperwork (criminal background checks, first financial info, info about background, reasons we want to be foster parents, what type of children we are open to.) State we are open to an infant, with an older sibling up to age 4.

June 15, 2011–Meet with Social Worker at our home for “home study”

October 7, 2011–the latest date we can have our license from the state in our hot little hands. I’m expecting our first phone call Oct 8th.

October 31, 2011–Received “the call” about 3 day old Pumpkin. Picked up baby boy Pumpkin from the hospital, brought him home.

November 1, 2011–Learned about 4 y.o. & 9 y.o. biological sisters of Pumpkin, currently in two separate foster homes.

January 2012–Approached about doing emergency foster care. Why not?

January 2012–3 year old Thirteen, 5 days.

January 2012– 15 month old Atticus, 2 days.

April 2012–decide 4 year old Carrot and 10 year old Zucchini will be joining our family this summer

June 2012–Carrot moves in with us!

We do extended preplacement visits with Zucchini all summer & she moves in August 2012

February 2013-Zucchini moves out, to a residential treatment center

May 2013–TPR Granted!  We wait for appeals & an adoption date, but we know these kids are staying.

July 2013-Scoot-4 year old girl, 10 day respite

November 2013-Boxer-6 week old baby boy, “respite” of undetermined length

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