About Me (& Us)

I am a 30 something woman in a midwestern city who looked for others telling “my story” and couldn’t find any. So, I started blogging. And now I’ve met some people who have big things in common with me.

I like to blog about the intersection between depression, being gay, preparing for kids, and anything else that is makes my heart swell. I have battled depression and anxiety for most of my life, and in 2009 was hospitalized and diagnosed with BiPolar-II/Treatment Resistant Depression and got a new course of meds. Hallelujah!

My partner, Croi, and I have been together for 196 years–we were friends, then very good friends, then we were together. We got married in a beautiful wedding surrounded by our friends and family in 2006.

My favorite quality of Croi’s is that she can always see to the center of someone. She sees the best in them, even when they do not see it in themselves, is genuine, and not phased by appearances. I think of the quotation from The Little Prince, “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Croi is the gaelic word for “heart” because she sees with her heart.

Now we have a handsome dog, who I like to joke that if he were on facebook, he would have more friends than I do. Everyone knows his name. “Oh, you’re Bingo’s mom!” So, I have sadly taken his popular cute face down. And, Croi gave him his blog name, “Bingo” which made me laugh.

I like to read, read, read, cook, and am trying to be crafty.  I have time to do all these things while my favorite, Croi, is off running and training for a marathon running and finished a marathon! That’s a LOT of small steps, and I admire her dedication.

We were ready to open our house to others, and decided to become foster parents, with the hope of adopting one day. At this point, we are licensed for 1 or 2 children ages 0-4, and open to a sibling pair. We are looking for long-term foster care, and are open to adoption. At this time in our lives, we do not feel ready for short-term foster care.  We were asked to be an emergency placement home as well, and thought, “why not?”  So, we’ve added a few short-term placements to the mix.

Three day old Pumpkin joined us on Halloween 2011. He’s gorgeous, and we are loving every minute he is here. At this point, he is a foster child, with a high probability of adoption.

Pumpkin has two older sisters in foster care in our area. 4 year old & 9 year old.

My favorite animal has always been an elephant. I am in awe of their connectedness to others and to and spiritual side. There are many documented cases of elephants, including pairs of female elephants taking care of orphaned baby elephants. They mate for life and are connected to their children (birth or adopted) for life. Touching. I guess that makes me Ellie. Or Erat Mama. Either one.

I’ll let you know the next steps and magic hours on our journey! I’ll also let you know the bumps along the way–what stops us from enjoying the journey.


If you know me in real life, and stumble across this blog–great!  Say hello here, in an email, in person, so I know it’s you.

Let me know you know, so we can all know. You know?

Any questions? Comments? Jokes?


3 Responses to About Me (& Us)

  1. indiasaige says:

    As one who was briefly honored to walk beside you on your journey … you amaze me.

  2. indiasaige says:

    As being honored to walk beside you along this journey for a short while … you absolutely amaze me.

  3. Amelia says:

    So incredibly jealous. We have wanted to foster for some time now, and were told that because of my history of depression that we would not qualify as a foster family in our state.

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