Later That Day

I wasn’t sure what Carrot’s mood would be like as I picked her up from school the day I told her we were adopting her.  Conveniently, she had a therapy session scheduled that day, and, we have many of our best conversations in the car.

She told me she told her friends about the adoption and they were so excited for her.

And, because she is my daughter, an anxious planner, she started asking questions about what we would do that day, and wanting a minute by minute plan.

She asked me, “Are we going to have an adoption party? Could I invite two friends from school?  Can I wear a fancy dress?”  Oh, child, you could ask me anything you wanted right now, and I would say yes.

About EratMama

30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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  1. DeCaf says:

    🙂 That’s wonderful!

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