When Matters

I know the adoption is a matter of “when” not “if.”  I am not worried about the appeal being granted, or TPR being reversed.

One day, we will adopt them.

But, when we do it actually matters.

A few times, Carrot has asked, “So, you say y’all are going to adopt me. When?”

We are going to a foster family picnic tonight. And was really excited that a boy she knows from her school might be there.  Until I told her that he probably wouldn’t be there, because he is adopted.  “Oh.”  Then named off six other friends.  No, sweetie, they are adopted.

Every time someone asks her last name, or her middle name, the pause becomes longer and longer. I am not sure if she picked up that I rarely say her last name, or if she started doing it on her own, but I almost never hear her claim it.

Poor thing doesn’t understand why this hasn’t happened. All we can explain is “there are more court steps that need to happen.” We don’t want to put Carrot in the middle and haven’t told her that the reason for the hold up is that her mom is appealing the decision. I think it would make her feel like there is still a chance she could leave.


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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