So Proud

I’ve been drafting this on my iphone while Pumpkin’s been sleeping, and I wanted to publish this last week. Or the week before. Let’s pretend I did. 

My worry and frustration comes out in this space. I want to portray our family’s story respectfully, and honestly.

So Proud

The truth is, I am so proud of how well Zucchini is doing. When I look at her, I can see how hard she is trying everyday. We enforce our expectations in a way I don’t think she has seen before. She likes being with her family and wants to be with us.

She is motivated by spending time with us. She had a great bedtime and no tantrums for 30 days, and earned herself a later bedtime.  She was thrilled to learn that if she kept it up for 90 days, she could earn herself an itouch.

She loves to help me cook, and has been volunteering to read to Pumpkin or change his diaper. There is so much good in Carrot that I think came from Zucchini.

She was elected to the school legislature and their calm, pass the talking rose approach has come home. She has asked for family meetings and can see things from other’s point of view.

I hope she finds peace.

2012 November 062

Two of the strongest, most resilient girls I know live in my house.

Hilarious Carrot

Watch out for this one–she sees it all and is wicked smart. She can read a room and is more insightful than most fortune tellers.

Her analogies crack. me. up. The day after a trip to the zoo, I asked her to wear a few layers to school. “No mama, that would be too much. I think I would feel like an orangutan.”

She is always asking, “what’s that sound?” And then describes it so you know exactly what she is asking. “It kind of sounds like snoring, but like a machine. Like a machine is snoring.” “oh, that’s the neighbors weedwacker.”

After going to Mommy Croi’s work just a few times, she told me directions while sitting in our garage.

She is starting to bond with Pumpkin in a very real, big sister way. She helped brush his teeth, and then had him “help her” brush her teeth.

She asks me, “have you eaten, mama? You eat, I will feed him.”

Her expressions are just real, stripped down, hilarious. She’ll make a terrible poker player.

She couldn’t jump into the pool without a mouth full of water, because she was so happy she couldn’t NOT smile.  She tried. And practiced. And was so happy jumping off she grinned every time.  I didn’t mind catching her. 

She brings my heart joy.

2012 November 063

Delicious Pumpkin

He is just exceptionally delicious right now.

Still not sleeping well. Maybe by the time he goes to college he will be sleeping through the night. If not, I am sure his roommates will find his 3am joke telling more hilarious than I do.

Between twelve and thirteen months he just soared and became a real toddler. Walking, talking, full of expression and games and I could just eat him up.

He is signing more, all done, bye, and milk.  And saying mama, hi, bye, (n)ed, up, wa (ter), up, wow [the cutest when pointing at the Christmas tree!], buh buh (book), da (that/maybe also his sister’s name?), ba (ll) and after his adenoidectomy, he says “tuf,”

When someone is sad, he shares his nuk. Shows off his tricks to anyone who will watch (peekaboo and a wiggling his spoon in his teeth).

Dances to everything! He has music in his blood. Even waves his hands to mama singing “this old man.”

Loves Ned and giggles at any dog or animal he sees, trying to hug them, even from across the street.

I love you sweet boy.

2012 November 064


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  1. mommie2be says:

    so beautiful. i loved this glimpse into your world 🙂

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