It’s About Time for a Rant

As the kids were on their way to a visit, I found out that their biomom asked the social worker for “help” getting gifts. And by that, I mean, she asked the social worker to get gifts for her. Carrot has been wanting Barbie dolls, and our great social worker unknowingly picked out an African-American Barbie for her.

Why am I ranting?

Because their mom made a phone call, and presents will show up at the visit for her to give to the kids. Presents she couldn’t even wrap.

Santa already bought some Barbies for Carrot. And, because things aren’t handed to us (okay, many many things are very graciously given to us. And we are so thankful.) we had to prioritize. Do we buy her one or two new Barbies in boxes or a bunch of used ones, with clothes, and a collapsable house? Considering how hard our kids are on toys, we picked quantity.

And, as the mom who listened to her tell me over and over what she wanted, and what she hoped for, I wanted to be the one to fulfill that for her.

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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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4 Responses to It’s About Time for a Rant

  1. kershnic says:

    That really sucks, I’m sorry. It’s not fair. But she’s still going to love her presents on Christmas morning, and you’re going to be the one who gets to sit on the floor with her under the Christmas tree (and all the days going forward) and put those outfits on and off the Barbies with her, and that’s invaluable.

  2. Lex says:

    That’s tough.

  3. Elise says:

    That plain sucks.

  4. Casey says:

    I am so sorry.. that sucks. You fufill so much more for her, though- really…*hugs*

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