No tpr yet

Since the somewhat eloquent posts in my head aren’t getting written down anytime soon, I thought I would at least give you an update.

We had a big court date yesterday. The “best interest hearing” also known as “the best interest of the minor children” or the first time in nearly three years when the court is supposed to talk about what is best for them and not just their mom’s rights. We expected a TPR and to be given an adoption date after this trial. Excuse my bitterness. The guardian at litem for their mom had an unforeseen family emergency and needed to leave town.

My foster parent rant is that every person on our side (caseworker, assistant district attorney, guardian at litem for the kids…) has a back up person in case they would be unable to make it. But, proceeding without this man gives her good grounds for appeal, so once again, the kids wait.

And they get more confused as she misses more visits, and is more unpredictable.

The silver lining is Zucchini has a little more time to process the facts of her mom’s behavior that she has not known or been in denial of. And since we are still quite literally cleaning up the shit from thanksgiving weekend, I hope this lets the girls enjoy Christmas a little more.

We wait for February 27th.

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6 Responses to No tpr yet

  1. kershnic says:

    Family court is ridiculous. They need to find a way to reschedule these things in days, not months. I’m sorry for all the dragging out, but hopefully your silver lining will come true and everyone can enjoy Christmas.

  2. Oh – argh! so sorry

  3. wishinghopingpraying says:

    Such BS! I remember going through that a few times and it’s brutal. I always told myself that the girls would be forever ours,we were just losing a little more time,not them. Hang in there.

  4. pepibebe says:

    Wow!! Congratulations on both counts!

  5. pepibebe says:

    Beautiful sentiments and picture. Glad to hear she is fine now.

  6. pepibebe says:

    That’s amazing news and I’m so mutha-flippin happy for you! Take that Skanky obstetric history!! 🙂

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