The one where there was nearly an accident on I-94

Picking up Zucchini for a weekend visit after bio mom missed a scheduled visit with the kids.

Me: I am sorry your visit was cancelled.
Zucchini: Yeah. I hope Mom’s ok.
Me: I hope so, too, honey. I hope you hear from her soon.
Zucchini: Yeah. I just hope she’s not in the hospital having another Pumpkin.


Me: Um, do you think she’s in the hospital having another baby?
Zucchini: No. I just couldn’t take it.

(When suspicious information surfaces about visits, I generally try to stay calm and open in the hopes the kids will feel comfortable enough to share information later. At this time, I asked Zucchini at least three more times if she thought her mom could be pregnant. She doesn’t. Poor thing is just trying to make sense of her mom’s change in behavior.

And broke my heart, that “she has enough to worry about with Pumpkin… and Carrot… and Mom… and [sister who lives in another state].. I just couldn’t take it.” )


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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2 Responses to The one where there was nearly an accident on I-94

  1. wishinghopingpraying says:

    Omg. I would have driven off the road. Poor thing. So much weighing on her mind and heart. I hope bio mom is okay.

  2. Monica says:

    Simeon’s mom is pregnant again. I nearly choked to death. Grandmother of the new three suspects that their mom is pregnant. I wanted to scream. Instead I did an all too casual “oh, uh, you really think so, huh?” It’s so scary and in these cases, always a concern in the back of the mind.

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