Favorite moments of the week

Favorite moments of Carrot’s stay with us:

Pumpkin: I’m pretty sure it was all the kisses. And seeing his face in someone else’s. Really. I know what he’s going to look like in four years.

Carrot: My baby brother, the park, the other park, the zebras and the spider monkeys…. riding my bike…… um, baking cookies, I’m a good big sister, and I’m nice to Bingo, I give Pumpkin lots of kisses, and I take a bath with Pumpkin, and I hug Bingo.  You are proud of me?

Croi: Croi and I both loved watching her little sponge-brain absorb new phrases from us. When Pumpkin babbles, my parents would say, “oh really? Tell me about that…” Croi picked that phrase up from them, and Carrot picked it up from her. She started off saying. “what’s Pumpkin holding his bottle for?” and by the end of the week was saying, “He can do help hold his bottle! He just learned that.”

Watching her get to be the big sister, going in to Pumpkin’s room as Croi was giving him his bedtime bottle, kiss him, walk out of the room, stop at the door way, go back to kiss him again, and say, “Goodnight, brother.”

Heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Me: I loved watching her struggle with riding a bike, “stupid bike” and then ride around the block and practice stopping and starting again and again.

I teared up many times during the week, but for a family that doesn’t watch a ton of TV, one of my favorite moments came at an unexpected time. As we were watching Beau.ty and the B.east so Croi could do her hair, I looked over to see her totally engrossed in the movie.

For all her Mother-Gooseness, all her sensitivity and housecleaning, she was pure four-year-old.  I wish I could show you her face as she wondered what the beast would give B.elle. The way her face lit up at the big library is burned in my memory. I hope she is not done being four for a long time.

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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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2 Responses to Favorite moments of the week

  1. mommie2be says:

    I love following along through your eyes 🙂

  2. K says:

    Can I just say “you are proud of me?” broke. my. heart.

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