Three Months

Beautiful Boy, I can’t believe you are three months old already.  (Well, three and a half, now, but who’s counting).

I knew I wanted to be a mother, but I didn’t know how much I would love being a mom to you.  I expected a certain amount of gritting my teeth to make it through these first months.

While I can’t say I have loved every moment, I can honestly say I have loved every day.  I can’t imagine my life without your bright smile. You look at me like you know I really get you, and we have a secret inside joke. I want you to know that I always have your back.

Loving you is easy.

Life with you makes sense.

When you turned three months is when I thanked my psychiatrist for an ease I never thought I would enjoy.

I hope your life is even bigger than your dreams.

I can’t imagine not having the chance to love you the way I do.


About EratMama

30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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One Response to Three Months

  1. Monica says:

    *Smile* Happy three months!

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