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The idea of “Letting your Life Speak” is often taken to mean using your life as an example of how you want others to view you, using your actions as a reflection of your values.  I like people who put … Continue reading

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Foster Dog Brother Of The Year

No matter how afraid kids are of Bingo when they come to our house. No matter how loud their screams, and if he gets hit, bitten, or his tail pulled… after a short time, every child ends up in some … Continue reading

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Strange similarity

Baby mittens–overpriced & fall off constantly. My brother has teased me about my “gold toe mittens” and my, ahem, frugality. I have always sent Pumpkin to visitation wearing real mittens. And then, he came home like this:

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Ugly Hope

Some days I don’t know what to pray for. My ugly hope is:  If she is going to relapse, I hope she relapses before he goes back to her, and not after.   **************************************************** *It is hard for me to … Continue reading

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Tears find you when they find you

Sometimes it’s in the middle of B.arnes and Nob.le. And they go on for so long that Croi looks at me and says, “Are you still crying?”  (That would be like Paul.a D.een saying, “Are you using more butter?”)  

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Foster Care Family Planning

It takes a special kind of crazy to have a not-yet-three-month-old and be shopping for a second crib or toddler bed.  Debating the merits of each. It’s a special kind of family planning. Will we have a 4 year old … Continue reading

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Court High-Five

Pumpkin’s mom and I shared some laughs while people watching outside of the courtroom. Pointed out some cu-ute shoes. Wondered WHAT was the man thinking wearing the jeans with the sinister snowman face, saying “I got your snow man.” She … Continue reading

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