Making friends with technology

Being a foster parent makes you grow in new and unexpected ways.

It makes me embrace technology.

I like getting my pictures in print form and the actual act of putting them in an album. I like arranging them and seeing them in my hand.

Before Pumpkin was here, I wondered what I would do for a baby book. None of the traditional ones fit.  “A sonogram picture” “Daddy said….”

One well meaning friend bought us a scrapbook.  Which filled me with dread. I don’t want another hobby and I don’t want to be a scrapbooker.

Ahhhh, the internet CAN be my friend.

I’ve been uploading all my pictures to shutterfly. I already have a digital baby book started–and can keep editing it as I go.  First bath?  Just add a page.

The best part? I can order multiple copies. The soon-to-be-NY times-bestseller “Welcome Pumpkin” (his first week with us) was sent to us, and to both grandparents. And, with a few small changes (taking out pictures of us) 4 more copies were ordered–for mom, dad, and two sisters in two different foster homes. They were all very appreciative, and I think it will help build a relationship with his family.

If my biological child were being taken care of by strangers, seeing pictures of his home would make me feel a lot more comfortable.  Heck, I like it when Croi texts me a picture when I’m at work.

If you know me, you know how excited I am to send Christmas cards this year. As long as Pumpkin is in our house, he’s our family. Close friends and family will  be receiving a version of this card.

I was even able to put a bonus picture & words on the back!

And, it was easy to choose a different picture (one without his sweet face) to send to others who are not quite as close.

Because I’m a control freak and like to customize, I nearly sent out this card:

Did you know you can choose your format and layout for the front, inside & back of many of their cards?  So fun to play with.

The internet actually did make my Christmas a little easier. Thanks, shutterfly.

***post partially sponsored by Shutterfly***

About EratMama

30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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One Response to Making friends with technology

  1. Monica says:

    I’ve used shutterfly for all my kids’ books. I really do love them. Also, y’all are so very good at this. You’ve got the right attitude. It’s a blessing to see others loving so well. Hope your holidays with Pumpkin are an incredible beginning to many, many more 🙂

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