Not just inept

As I said to Pumpkin’s supervisor, I have been a case manager, I know how stressful it is.  I have never been a children’s ongoing case manager/ CPS/ Bureau worker.  I think it is one of the most difficult forms of social work. I know that emergencies come up.

I also know there are regulations and procedures to follow.  Information (“the orange packet”) all foster parents should receive at the same time as the child. Information to help us care for the little one, but also information to protect us should anything happen. (Papers stating we have placement of this child and did not just pick him up some where. If mom were to come to our house demanding Punkin, we would have nothing to show to the police, or the hospital if he got sick…)

Today, I realized the problem is bigger than being overworked.  It is a matter of worldview.  Some of the most stereotypical statements that have ever been spoken in our house were spoken today by Punkin’s case worker.

Statements that he is “100% sure that his father doesn’t have a job.”  Why?  “It’s [our city] and no one has a job in [our city].”

Statements about people “just fostering for the checks.” That “everyone gets SSI or SSDI and just wants a handout.”

We did state our opinion a bit, “So you don’t know if his father has a job or not, you are just assuming he doesn’t because he is a black man involved with CPS?”

Croi, “I work with the same population you do, and I know that it is often very complex. We want to protect Pumpkin as best we can.”

He is leaving the agency in January. Not soon enough for me.

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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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4 Responses to Not just inept

  1. K says:

    Wow. There are some deeply engrained stereotypes there. I am glad he’s leaving. Fostering for the money???? Oh, because you can put a price on caring for a child you may or may not get to continue to raise? People make me so mad. I think I’d have a hard time being as diplomatic as you guys have been.

  2. mommie2be says:

    What a peach. oy. Sounds a lot like our kids’ first.

    Glad he’s leaving and hopefully the replacement will be worlds better.

  3. alison says:

    He gives Social Workers a bad name. Sorry you got a dud SWer.

  4. Carrie says:

    Yikes, glad he’s leaving.

    In my professional life just last week I had a supervisor (thankfully not my own) describe a parent we both work with as a “dirty rotten scoundrel,” among other things. Granted, the person is not doing what s/he needs to do as a parent. But people who can’t muster up some empathy and recognition that their clients are PEOPLE and not just stereotypes or defined by a single action should not be social workers!!

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