Nursery is Ready

To distract myself from thinking about the little boy we got a phone call about yesterday, I put some more touches on the nursery. I can’t say “finishing touches” with a straight face, because I’m always adding and changing things. Some things we will add once the little one gets here!

I loved looking at other people’s spaces, so I wanted to show you ours.

Constraints: One room for 1 or 2 kids, ages and genders unknown (infant to 4 years old). No closet. On a budget.  I’ve heard nurseries under $1000 be called budget nurseries. My goal was to spend less than $1000 (on everything) and be ready for baby.

Ideas: Bright colors that can grow with a child and be easily added to.  Not too fussy. We loved the grey walls that make colors pop, but with only one window, thought the room might be too dark. We liked this icy blue color.  Use vertical space with our high ceilings.


The rocker was bought at a rummage sale and recovered. (Total Cost–$75 chair and ottoman)

The dresser was also bought at a rummage sale, repainted, and put new drawer pulls on. (Total cost–$50)

We have some brightly colored picture frames that we can make a collage with and put on this wall.  We’re waiting on their arrival to put pics of the little one with their family (s).

Wall Shelves– ($10).  Elephant and Monkey picture holder–Resale Shop–$2. Picture frame–gift.

Crib is Graco Sarah, converts to toddler bed–purchased as a gift for us, but was $129 on sale. If you remember the great door debate, we came up with an alternate solution–put a wardrobe over it!  We already had the wardrobe, and it fit perfectly. (It’s from that big Swedish store if you’re looking for one under $100)

You know I had to get an elephant family in there, so I made the elephant hanging for above the crib.  I used scraps of fabric, appliqued them onto the green fabric (with blue corduroy ears) and then stretched it over a canvas. (Cost–$15 for canvas from, green fabric, and a few small supplies.)

The pack ‘n play is holding the space for whatever we need–be it another crib, a toddler bed, or even a twin bed.


A friend of ours is a graphic designer and made these thank you cards for us. They were so cute, I asked her to make an 8×10 for framing. (Cost: $10 for the frame + some baked goodies as a thank you)

This fabric is also from drawstring studio–I made curtains from it.  I may add red or navy tie backs later. (Cost $40).

What a score! I happened to be at our local children’s resale shop the day this came in. The print is mounted on wood, with a wire hook on the back for easy hanging. They never even put it on display–I grabbed it right away. With my foster parent discount card: Cost- $8.80!

Instead of a traditional changing table that would only be used for a short time, we wanted something that could be used for a longer period.  We found the Expedit storage system at our favorite Swedish store, and decided that would work perfectly. It can also stand vertically for more versatility when we no longer need a changing table. (Expedit- $69, Lekman boxes- $10 each, Lamp–also from I.kea. $10, I think.)

Made this last night using leftover fabric from the ottoman. I had the ribbon from another project, so in crafter’s terms, that means it was free.  I might change this later, but it works for now.

We decided to hang the driftwood mobile above the changing table, so the baby can see this peaceful view while being changed. I hung it fairly high right now, but if we have an infant I can always extend the string and lower it a bit.

Result:  We’re happy with it.  I love that we had some inspirational pictures but didn’t stick to one vision. We let things come to us and find us. I like that you can see parts of Croi and I in the room, but it isn’t just either one of us.

We spent around $350. That doesn’t include paint. That also doesn’t include things that were given to us (crib by Croi’s mom, pack ‘n play by my mom and dad) and other small things. Even if you include those items, I estimate the cost for this room is still around $700.

I am so excited to meet the people who will create memories in this room.


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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3 Responses to Nursery is Ready

  1. CoffeeBlue says:

    So adorable! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. k says:

    SUPER cute. Love it!

  3. Monica says:

    Beautiful! I love looking at other people’s space. And the wardrobe in front of the door kills two birds with one stone. Nice. Now I can tell from other titles there’s someone occupying this room!!! EEEK!

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