Crafty nursery sneak peak

I’ve been relishing my evenings free right now… busyness of summer (which I love) is over. Days are still long so I still have lots of energy.  No stack of foster parent paperwork to do–and no little one yet.  Ahhhh.  Savor every minute.

I saw this mobile in a decorating magazine. Loved the concept–but the $85 price tag–not so much.

From Twisted Stick Etsy Shop

While we were vacationing in the Apostle Islands (the same place we got engaged several years ago) I went on the hunt for driftwood and interesting stones.  With the help of some friends, I found some great pieces.  I raided my mom’s jar of shells for some good beachy finds as well–including some shells from our family trip to Mexico.

The How-to: I soaked all the wood in bleachwater for 2 days to kill any bacteria or lake fungus. (Thanks to my friend, J, for saving our baby!) Then, drilled holes in the drift wood. Some of the shells had a hole in them already, but some did not. I soaked those in bleach water as well, then pounded a nail through to create a hole.  I had been told this part was very difficult so I had more shells than I thought I would use.  I only broke one shell, so I had plenty left-over.  I used fishing line to attach the shells to the driftwood. Then, hung more fishing line through to the top. It is nice to have two people for this, to help get the balance of each stick.

Once I got going, it was pretty easy, and I made two more mobiles (only one layer each) with the extra driftwood and shells.  Both of our mothers have beachy bathrooms, so I will give them each a mobile as a gift.

Here’s the one for the kid’s room.  Croi is a little nervous about hanging it over the crib (what if a shell breaks free)–so we might hang it above the changing table or glider.

Finished mobile--hanging from bookshelves

against our icy blue walls


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2 Responses to Crafty nursery sneak peak

  1. mommie2be says:

    Beautiful! We never used a mobile above our cribs, but I think above the changing table is a great idea – they do this at the girls’ daycare and I’m sure it helps a lot.

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