The things we do for kids

Homestudy #2 with Kelly Kelly Kelly today. I like her even more–she seemed more relaxed and got our dry sarcastic humor.

We showed her the changes we made in the house.  Like getting rid of our antique glass doorknob (bathroom doorknob needs to lock from the inside and be able to be unlocked from the outside).

We call our new look “group-home-industrial-chic.”

Antique glass doorknob, new doorknob, and my bath towel


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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3 Responses to The things we do for kids

  1. Monica says:

    We call our new look “group-home-industrial-chic.” I almost peed!!!

    Simeon has no doorknob so his door cannot be closed. I’m about two more acts of crazy from removing the whole dang thing. The baby doorknob has been switched with the closet one. The others have saftey covers and the bathroom door locks from the outside, not the inside. Friends can’t lock the door for privacy, but my four year old can lock them in. Oh, and we just got a chain lock for our hall closet. Classy.

    Foster parenting is rocking – locking good time!

  2. EratHora says:

    In our county, we must have a doorknob that locks from the inside and can be unlocked from the outside before licensure. Otherwise, I probably would have pushed it a bit for those 1800’s original door knobs.

    I was a stubborn stubborn kid. One whose parents had to put a hook & eye latch on her bedroom door so I’d stay in for time outs. And then shook the door so loudly and repeatedly to get the lock to pop out the neighbors nearly called social services on my parents. And, my dad took the door off of it’s hinges more than once when I “wasn’t responsible enough to treat the door well.”

    I’m sure there’s lots more classiness to come. Our bedroom door doesn’t stay closed. And those safety locks sure are fashionable. And Simeon will be okay. That stubbornness might serve him well 🙂 I turned out mostly all right.

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