Things I Wish I Could Post On Face.Book But Am Not Ready To Yet

Did a real-life person mention a class to me for white parents who have black children to learn about their hair care?

(Croi says I dreamt it. I think it might have been in blogland. I’m hoping it’s in our area.)

Also, I dreamt we got a baby boy named Zachariah. He was beautiful.


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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5 Responses to Things I Wish I Could Post On Face.Book But Am Not Ready To Yet

  1. Elise says:

    I love that name 🙂

    Our area offers a class (and we took it – maybe it was me who mentioned it?). They offer a host of classes because foster parents are required to complete 18 hours of training per year to keep their license active (in my state).

    • erathora says:

      E–First, I thought I told wordpress that I don’t need to “approve” your comments. (And a few other peoples too…) But, it keeps waiting for me. It’s not personal–it’s personal between me and wordpress. And, one day I’m gonna take the time to figure it out.

      2nd–I am glad to know it was a real person and I can tell Croi smugly that I wasn’t dreaming it! The class DOES exist!

      3rd–It’s a great name. We should be so lucky.

  2. erathora says:

    Wait. CT cracks me up. Aren’t you the one who didn’t know about Pink Oil? I read that on Mama Monica’s blog, and immediately thought “How white IS Connecticut???” They sell it in every Wal.greens, grocery store, everything here. Even in the burbs. Please tell me that was before you took the class.

    • Elise says:

      CT is 77% white – compared to 72% nationally – so a little high but not as white as some others.

      And, no, they didn’t mention the pink lotion in class. I’ve since found it and used it but there are other products that work much better for my kids’. The fustrating thing about the class was that it was too focused on teaching us how to do and care for “black hair” as if there was only one kind and one way to care for it. Well, I have 3 black children with 3 very different hair types. They all need way different care. Its all trial and error – figuring out what works for that individual head of hair.

  3. Ah, this made me chuckle.. Thank you 🙂

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