Doesn’t mean we can’t dream…

Croi said no more buying baby things until we get the “thumbs up” from the social worker.  We both have some fear about being denied…….then what do we do.  And, a little bit of not putting the cart before the horse.

But, Croi points out baby things just as often as I do.  🙂

So, ohdeedoh and other nursery planning sites have become a little baby therapy for us.  A way to live in our heads a bit for now. (I was going to call it something else that rhymes with corn but I realized that could attract some terrible visitors I did not want. I often take pictures of food for work and when I take a really good one, my boss will call it “food ‘corn'”)

We like bright colors, not too matchy, but a little theme. A room that works well as a nursery and kids room and can easily be added to.

Here’s a few I’m currently drooling over. (And a favor at the end if you can stand it…)

Love the calmness, the mix of fabrics, old and new materials.  I would prefer a color on the wall.

This one is from a blog, but I can't remember whose.... I'd be happy to give credit.

I don’t think Croi would be so hip on this.  She’s had enough of my propensity to bring branches indoors, decorate them, and call them art.

I think this is a playroom–so bright and beautiful.  Oh, maybe when we have a playroom…. someday.

Really liking this one. Easy to mix/match and add.

Love annalea hart’s style.  So much vintage/ re-used/re-purposed love.  Nothing matches, everything goes. She bought the fitted sheets–sewed top sheets and pillowcases herself.

I don’t think we are “bold” enough for grey walls…. but I do think they are gorgeous.  Maybe when I win the Publishers Clearing House and I re-do the kitchen and bathroom.

Some animal/nature kind of things, and just bright, happy kid things.

Here’s the favor:  Little monkey’s (s’) room will be the room that is currently our office . Transition occuring this summer.  Our house was built in 1890, so has lots of “quirks.”  In monkey’s room is a door that opens into the coat closet.  (Yes, the coat closet has another door near the front door, so this one never needs to be used.)

I am posting this while waiting for a local social services agency to come pick up the futon & electronics on it.

We plan on putting the crib along this wall.  Would you:

a) put the crib to the left–leaving the coat closet door exposed? The radiator is by the door, as well.

b) put the crib in front of the door, and closer to the radiator. This room is usually pretty warm.

Especially if you choose A–any ideas for decorating in a cool way?


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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4 Responses to Doesn’t mean we can’t dream…

  1. CoffeeBlue says:

    Oh good, now you’ve given me another website to obsess over and help me reach my goal of entire afternoons without working at all 🙂 Love the rooms with the grey walls! I would pick A, with the crib to the left. Maybe you can take the door off and put dry wall over? Or hang some pretty/interesting fabric? Or paint with chalk board paint and write quotes/draw pictures? (warning: I’m horrible at aesthetics and am no longer allowed to make decorating decisions on my own at our house…so maybe you should just do the opposite of my suggestions!)

  2. mommie2be says:

    I was thinking chalk board paint on the door as well! I would definitely keep the crib as far away from the radiator as practicable.

  3. Monica says:

    I second mommies. Far from the radiator, the buggers can escape, you know. Also, chalkboard paint on the door would be cool. Or turn the coat closet into an awesome fort/ hideaway/reading cubby.

    • EratMama says:

      Thanks for the ideas, ladies! I considered covering the door with chalk cloth/chalk contact paper.
      Mama Monica–I loooove reading cubbies, but then where would I put my coats? It’s a small house and that coat closet (the existence of one) is one of the reasons we bought the place.

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