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The things we do for kids

Homestudy #2 with Kelly Kelly Kelly today. I like her even more–she seemed more relaxed and got our dry sarcastic humor. We showed her the changes we made in the house.  Like getting rid of our antique glass doorknob (bathroom … Continue reading

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Tolerant of the Intolerant

Our poor, brave, strong little one.  You are on your way to us, through obstacles I can not imagine. I want to tell you that when you get here you will only feel love. Unfortunately, I was reminded this weekend, … Continue reading

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Slow but steady does not make for good blog posts

Not a lot new to report here~ mostly behind the scenes paperwork & house readiness.  I can’t wait to paint the nursery…. but in order to do that we must move the office that is currently there to upstairs, to … Continue reading

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I love list making.

Just a quick note to say–all went well! Our social worker took a quick tour of our home, literally checking to make sure there are no skeletons in our closet. Told us a few home repairs to make (no biggies, … Continue reading

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Random Search

Someone found my blog by searching ” Chiquita banana in a wedding dress.” What is this for? And can I be invited?

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Nervous. Not Nervous. Nervous.

I am not (too) nervous that we will be denied. The more I read, the more I think we will be approved. When I think about our first meeting with the social worker Wednesday, I am mostly hoping for some … Continue reading

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Never thought I’d be so happy to say the words

“We have a social worker” Her name is Kelly. She sounds young-ish, professional, and nice. Let’s hope. She’s coming to the house on Wednesday. To Do List this weekend: Hang the new mailbox Vacuum and sweep, especially the couch and … Continue reading

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