Thankful Thursdays–the pre vacation edition

I meant to post this yesterday, but work was already going to be busy, with going on vacation, and then some extra things came up (like, oh, a TV appearance for me 🙂

We leave in ONE day to go on vacation with my family to sunny Mexico.  Anyone want to meet me for a margarita on the beach?  We’ll be here:

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

I have so much to be thankful for today. I know for so many people the idea of spending a week with their family is NOT a vacation at all. I am blessed that for me it is. We may have a few tense moments, but I think everyone will have their space, and be able to hang out in different groups. (Sometimes Croi & I, L, my bro and dad all run together, mom & I shop, sister in law & I snorkel with the sharks…)

  • I am thankful that my parents are in a good enough financial place that we can get this amazing Christmas gift.
  • I am thankful that it’s a gift. We all want to go. Be with each other. And not be rushed.
  • I am thankful that my partner is welcome. She’s truly a part of the family and I know I am fortunate for that.
  • I am sooooo thankful my partner wants to spend time with my fam. It will be enjoyable for her, as well. She can be herself with my family. As she said, “I know that your parents know me well enough that if I’m an as$h@le one day, they won’t take it personally.”
  • I am thankful for the time and space to be able to have long conversations without being rushed.  Probably will tell my parents about the baby-planning. I wish I could have told them about the meeting last night, and have a few more concrete answers. But, they’ll be supportive either way.
  • Thankful for that big stack of books I can bring to Mexico and leave at the condo! More room for souvenirs on the way home.

You won’t hear from me for awhile, so I’ll post extra love and say that while I am there I am thankful for this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and see you when I get back!

About EratMama

30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursdays–the pre vacation edition

  1. Carrie says:

    Have fun on your vacation!! My wife and I spent a week last summer on the Jersey Shore with my family, and it was much the way you describe your family (plus a lot of toddler time with my nephews :)). A good extended family is definitely something to be very thankful for!!

  2. erathora says:

    Hi Carrie! Thanks for commenting! I liked your blog, too~so come on back!

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