Why I protest

I have struggled with this balance between apathy and overzealousness, interest and anger. I guess moderation does not come easy to me. I wonder if that is personality or BP-II (stronger moods..?)

As I wrote about before, it can be difficult for me to read about an issue and not become engrossed in it. Or not have my outrage about it consume me.

As you may know, there has been a bit of controversy here in Wisconsin. (Think this chaos has been on the news a bit lately…) I do not want this to become a divisive place, so don’t worry. My intention is to speak about what this experience has been like for me.

For me, I was raised in a very pro-union house, but I am not the biggest union supporter. I can see the flaws in both sides and think there is a lot of room for compromise. When this issue first started rearing it’s head in Wisconsin, I did not have an instant reaction to it. In fact, my parents and I had gotten into a rather heated “discussion” about unions a few months ago, and I thought, “Oh, Shit, now this.” I hoped it would all blow over.It felt like some sort of bad karma that one of my most angry, explosive, tense times with them in the past year was over an issue that now was getting national attention.

Then, I started to learn more about the bill. And, I started to really think about power. The ways that we hold on to power, when we feel powerless. The ways that we try to take power from others instead of sharing and multiplying it. The power of coming to people and talking to them like adults.

(*I am sorry this post is so rambly. I wanted to write just the perfect, articulate post, but then decided something was better than nothing and I wanted to get my thoughts down on paper*)

I have gone to Madison two weeks in a row now. My fave has been there a few more times (her school had days off–ex. President’s Day) and she was able to go then. It has been an amazing, peaceful, unifying experience.

It is probably the most diverse event I have been a part of. People young and old. College students and retired people. Teachers, fire fighters, “Paul the Plumber”, welders unions, snowplow drivers, and actors.

The rhetoric and anger that is being spoken is part of the reason I had to take a break from internetting and facebooking for a bit. Croi laughs at me because I can fall asleep while watching Criminal M.inds or Law & O.rder SVU, but I won’t watch S.arah P.alin on TV after 9pm. Everyone needs boundaries, and that’s mine.

At least when I watch R.achel Ma.ddow she makes me smile while she tells me the sad news.

Sometimes, it has been difficult to find my balance, but mostly it has felt really nice to have some spark ignited and feel passionately about something. One of the ways I think about spirituality is to feel connected to something greater than myself. Being around so many wonderful people, has taken me outside of myself and helped me to feel connected.

I’ll keep you updated.

(Sidenote: I don’t have my camera with me, but I have some pictures on there I would love to share with you. I tried to “right-click” from facebook, and this new format won’t let me. If anyone knows a way around the new fb setting, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll add some pics to this post later. Thanks, friends!  And, I know this can be controversial, so any comments or questions are always welcome.)


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