Secretly Relieved

We have an annual St. Patrick’s day tradition with some friends. Croi’s dad was 100% Irish –hense the Gaelic origins to her blog name. (Croi’s grandparents may have left Ireland a few months early so her dad could be born in the US, but Croi is sad that makes getting dual citizenship more difficult. Ah, pipe dreams.)  Croi gets more phone calls on St. Pat’s than on her birthday!

Our close friends were going to be coming up from Chicago to visit us this Saturday. The wife is a childhood friend of Croi’s, and the husband is a good friend of both of ours. They met and connected during events leading up to our wedding. During our “night out” (aka bachelorette party) we went to a local gay dance club, where they really hit it off. If you ask them how they met, they like to say, “At a gay bar for a lesbian wedding.” They had a son a few months ago, and coming up this weekend will be one of their first nights away from him.

Croi just got off the phone with her friend. Their son is sick, and they will be staying home with him. I am sad he is sick, and sad not to see them this weekend. But, I know we will toast for St. Pat’s in a few weeks.

And that means this weekend, we can go to Farmer Labor Tractorade! Thousands of tractors from all over the state are driving to Madison to protest Gov. Walker. Michael Franti & Spearhead will be performing. They are hoping for 200,000 people. The Boss and Willie Nelson have both been rumored to attend. Thousands of tractors surrounding the capitol. I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say this could be EPIC!


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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