How I spent my New Year’s

While having a few friends over for New Year’s, one of them mentioned that she is a member of the “Polar Bear Club.” Meaning, on New Year’s Day, she immerses all or part of her body in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan. Brrrrr is the biggest understatement. There are organized groups of people that embark on this crazy adventure, but she does it alone or in a small group. She is Baha’i, so she chooses to do this symbolic cleansing on the western new year and on the Baha’i new year.

Her explanation of “thinking of the old stuff you wanted to get rid of, and the lake cleansing it off, and thinking of your hopes for the new year, and the determination cementing them in” had me hooked. Or maybe it was the champagne punch.

Anyway the next morning, there we were, four of us, shivering on the beach, then stripping down our layers, and walking in the water.

I'm the one in the teal hat foolishly trying to hold hands before going in. Can't I see M (to my right) is going to go under and my glove will obviously get wet? I like togetherness. K, the initiater, is to my left. My favorite was warm and smart and holding the camera.

Oh, yeah, that bit about the lake “cleansing off the bad stuff from the year before–” as my brother so lovingly pointed out as we were going in, “It’s Lake Michigan. It’s poo water.”

I don’t know about all the cleansing–but it sure was fun. And that adventurous spirited picture is currently my computer desktop.


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30 something midwestern gal, married to another 30 something midwestern gal, conquering depression, rockin' foster parent.
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3 Responses to How I spent my New Year’s

  1. Mama Drama says:

    Brave and Crazy covers it all!!! Good for you…The lake near us does a Special Olympics fundraiser – teams who raise $ get to do the plunge…..After all these years I remain a spectator. A dry, warm spectator.

  2. Monica says:

    I cannot imgaine ever being adventurous enough for this! My idea of a polar bear swim is getting in on Memorial day when the water is 78 degrees. That is a beautiful picture. I imagine that day full of adrenaline and laughter.

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