Awkward Family Moment

I love the Awkward Family Photos website.  Makes me laugh out loud. I just submitted this story to the website and thought you might like it too!

My high school had various fundraiser events–including a yearly Father-Daughter Dinner Dance. It was a nice occasion, girls got dressed up and re-wore homecoming dresses, could be silly with their friends, and dance the slow songs with their dads. And, make fun of their dads dancing the “white man overbite” dad dances. Always lots of good memories. I went all four years of high school, and I am thinking this occured in 1995 or 1996. It is nearing the end of the night, the DJ starts making his “calls for everyone to get on the floor” “this is going to be the last song” stuff. We are all standing there, as the previous song is ending, arms around our dads, when he plays what must have been his standard closing song at that time, “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boys II Men. We kept looking around, trying to see if this was a joke, or if he was going to stop the music, but he didn’t.

Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We’re gonna celebrate, all thru the night
Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I’ll do anything, girl you need only ask

I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I’ll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
Till you tell me to

Girl relax, let’s go slow
I ain’t got nowhere to go
I’m just gonna concentrate on you
Girl are you ready, it’s gonna be a long night
Throw your clothes on the floor
I’m gonna take my clothes off too
I made plans to be with you
Girl whatever you ask me you know I’ll do


Baby tonight is your night
And I will do you right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life

*This has become quite the family joke. To the point where, when my dad and I were having a hard time thinking of a song to dance to at my wedding, we kept joking about having this be our Father/Daughter dance song. Or at least having the DJ play a few bars of it, then “Whoops” and put on the right one.

We danced to “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Hiatt. And it wasn’t awkward at all.

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2 Responses to Awkward Family Moment

  1. Mama Drama says:

    Good that your Dad could turn it around as a family joke…But WHAT was the DJ thinkin’?

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