Talk to your Kids

After that post, wondering if I will be good enough, I heard this story. On npr, where else?

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If you are like me and many of my friends, we beat our selves up and do not feel like we will be good enough.  We agonize over children (in our homes and not yet). Will this book or this parenting style or this playground be best for them?  All these researchers are asking parents to do is TALK to their kids. This brought tears to my eyes.

Not talk about drugs or sex or anything else difficult. Just talk, read the paper, narrate your life to your baby, your infant, your toddler.

If you don’t want to click on the link–I’ll summarize. These researchers found that kids were entering school with wide gaps in readiness. No shock there. But, when they traced it back, they found it was largely because some kids did not know as many words, verb tenses, or kinds of statements as other ones.

“According to their research, the average child in a welfare home heard about 600 words an hour while a child in a professional home heard 2,100.

“Children in professional families are talked to three times as much as the average child in a welfare family,” Hart says.

The good news is, that when parents were taught how to talk to their children, they did, and the gap closed.

I cannot say how sad this story makes me. The kids, babies, just need to be talked to. For all my friends and parents out there doubting their skills, know that just by talking to your kids,  you are doing one of the BEST things for them. Your kids don’t need 100 toys, Wii, ipods, or Baby Einstein class. They just need you. To pay attention and love them. Tell them about you.

I couldn’t not talk to my dog if I tried.

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2 Responses to Talk to your Kids

  1. Monica says:

    I think part of being a good parent is working hard at it. As soon as we feel we’ve got it in the bag, I’m guessing it’s time for some re-evaluation.

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